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Village Church Rolesville gathers for worship on Sundays at 10:30 AM at 410 Southtown Circle in the Rolesville Commons Shopping Center. Due to COVID19, right now we are worshipping online.


HOW DO SUNDAYS WORK?  First, show up as you are.  We value that.  And, we want you to feel and know that you are family when you here...that you belong.  Feel free to grab a cup of coffee when you come in, mingle with those who have gathered, or find a seat.  If you have kids, you can check them in for nursery or Village Church Kids, or you may pick up an activities sheet for them as they stay in worship with you!

If you're volunteering on Sunday morning, click here to learn about your role!

WHERE DO I PARK?  Short answer, anywhere you like!  Any of the spaces in the shopping center are available for parking.

WHAT'S YOUR WORSHIP LIKE?  Our worship is authentic to who we are as a church seeking to live like family and love like Jesus and our DNA to belong to one another, become more like Jesus and bless our community.  So, you'll find that we are relaxed and participatory, band-led with contemporary music, but following the traditional rhythm of gathering, praising, hearing, responding and going.  We celebrate communion weekly as the family meal that reminds us of who and whose we are.  Messages are conversational, but engaging enough for our hearts and minds, and are designed to proclaim the scriptures in a way that what we hear might take root in our hearts and make a difference in our everyday lives. Come and see!


WHAT ABOUT KIDS?  First, we believe worship is for the whole family and recognize that there is way more formation that happens in children through worship than we realize.  You are more than welcome to have kids of any age in worship with you, or, they may participate in Village Church Kids program (Pre-K through 3rd grade) or our nursery (0-3).  We also have a quiet space for moms to rock babies or nurse.  You can read more about kids, youth ministry and nursery here.

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