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Jesus is an invitational God: "Come and follow me." We’re committed to following his example. Village Church Rolesville  is a church family for people who don’t have one, and even for people who don’t know they need one! So we don’t just wait for people to come to us. Jesus didn't do that. We invite people to check us out and to share the journey as we respond to God’s love and follow Jesus together. But, inviting people to church isn’t always easy. So we’ve compiled some resources to help you.

What would it look like if everyone invited one person to Village Church Rolesville every month? Who will you invite?


It’s not always easy to know how to invite people to church. We don’t ever want to be pushy, manipulative, or annoying. But not inviting is not the answer! We want to be intentional as we seek and as we create opportunities to invite people to check us out. Explore these resources for practical insights and creative ways you can help us connect with more of our neighbors who could use a great church family like Village Church Rolesville. You may be surprised at the ways God uses you!

Pray about it

Pray that God would make you aware of opportunities you have to invite people to a community of love. Pray that your invitation would reflect Jesus' invitation.

Consider Contacts

Think you don’t know anyone who would be interested in VCR? Think again! Here’s an easy way to find someone you know who might be open to an invitation.

Engage on Social Media

If you’re on Facebook and/or Instagram, you can help us leverage the power of social media to offer VCR to exponentially more people. Here’s how! 

Welcome new neighbors

Be sure to reach out when you see new folks in your neighborhood. Here’s how!

Look for transition times

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