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There's one thing you'll never have to say as a parent at Village Church Rolesville... "I'm Sorry."

Because the minute your kid walks through the door at VCR, they are in a safe space. While it doesn’t mean that a kid can act anyway they want, it does mean that we know that big kids have big feelings, and all feelings are welcome. We will sit on the floor with your kid, or even lay on the floor with your kid, and help them work through any big feeling they have and come up with the best resolution. We will sit in between siblings and help them work things out. We will also sit with the only child that just graduated from nursery to Kids Church and feels overwhelmed and help them adjust on their time in a way that works best for them.

When our church says we live like family and love like Jesus, we mean it. It isn’t a cute cliche; it is the heartbeat of this church. No one will roll their eyes if a kid is loud in church. And if we glance over, it’s not because of their behavior, it’s because we see them as a child of God and it makes us happy.

You see, your kids are not the “future of the church.” They ARE the church, just as much as we are. And we will forever treat them that way.

So if you hear your child from service, please feel free to come and ask any questions you would like, but never feel the need to apologize. Kids will be kids, and we purposefully give them a place to grow as they learn the overwhelming love of Jesus.

 Village Church Rolesville's heart beats for the whole family...including kids

and we are committed to helping kids feel safe and loved as they are nurtured into disciples of Jesus Christ! 

Faith Filled Minutes: The best way to talk about faith with others is by starting at home. What are Faith-Filled Minutes Cards?

These “Faith-Filled Minutes” cards are meant to talk about faith for at least five minutes of the day with your family, no matter what age your family members are. Each month, you will receive 30 cards. The idea is that you can pull any card out, in any order, and be able to talk for at least 5 minutes as a family about faith. Your schedule may call for more or less, but the goal is to be talking about God at least 5 minutes a day. These are not fancy cards that require any planning. It is a way to keep faith simple and easy to access. Click HERE.


Nursery: Village Church Rolesville has  a nursery with paid staff during worship for ages 0-2.  We have check-in and check out for your little ones!


Village Church Kids: This is our kids program running simultaneous to our worship for Preschool through Third Grade. We think it's really important and awesome when kids of any age are in worship with their parents too!  A little noise and rustling is ok!  So, on the last Sunday of the month, we do not have Kid's Church so that they can be in worship with their parents. 

Club 4/5: This is an exciting program in conjunction with Wake Forest United Methodist Church. Club 4/5 is a fellowship group that provides a unique opportunity for fourth and fifth graders to come together for an evening of fun, fellowship, bible study and mission work. Club 4/5 meets the THIRD SUNDAY of every month from 4-5:30pm pm in the Family Life Center at WFUMC and occasionally at Village Church Rolesville. Click here for more info.

B3 Groups: Kids are welcome!  B3 is designed for the whole family and you as parents are the best discipleship teachers your kids will have.  There are several parts of the evening where kids are welcome to participate including drawing and talking about "God sightings." We also have someone at every gathering supervising kids.

Questions? Email our Children's Coordinator, Jessie Synan

What about YOUTH? Glad you asked! We have an amazing youth group in conjunction with Wake Forest UMC. Our Youth Group (6-12 grade) is a really fun and laid back environment where we give youth opportunity to connect with one another, grow in their relationship with God, serve the community and have fellowship & fun. We meet every Sunday 5-7pm (usually at our Wake Forest UMC Campus).

Questions? Email our Youth Director, Austin Holland


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