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Belong: We belong to the family of God and nurture authentic relationships within the family of faith.

Become: We become more like Jesus as we nurture our relationship with God in community and through spiritual practices like studying God's word, prayer, communion and worship.

Bless: We bless those in our community by being intentionally outward in our focus and mission.

B3TTER TOGETHER.  B3 Groups are the heartbeat of Village Church Rolesville.  Our fellowship, discipleship and missions all take place in the community through medium sized community groups of 15-30 people (including kids).  And that's what a B3 group is: An extended family of 12-25 imperfect folks trying to grow as followers of Jesus together.  It's especially great for the whole family! If you come to worship, our hope is that you would also belong to a B3 group.

Jesus' life was the perfect life and a life worth imitating. Jesus invited his followers into a rhythm modeled after his own life.  Here at Village Church, we narrate that rhythm of discipleship as Belong, Become, Bless (Yes, that's where B3 comes from!).  Because we were created from and for communion, we believe that the best life is one lived together and that it is through shared relationships and rhythm that Jesus helps to make us whole and grows us as followers.


Every Month

  • Two Gatherings

  • One mission/bless opportunity

  • Sabbath week (intentional week to rest, play, invite)

Every Quarter

  • B3 Group Celebration (we party and have fun together with all B3 families participating!)

What happens at a Gathering?

We meet at someone's home and share in a meal, a time of thanksgiving and worship, a short devotion/conversation and a time to pray for one another.  We take turns providing the food and devotion.

What about kids?

Kids are welcome!  B3 is designed for the whole family.  Will they behave perfectly? No, but kids learn best from what they see other doing.  So, kids eat with the group, share thanksgivings and sing with the group as well as share in prayer.  They play together during the devotion.  We usually have someone at every gathering supervising them.

Current B3 Groups

Screen Shot 2023-06-21 at 9.23.31 AM.png

Rolesville/Redford Place Dr.

Tyler and Lauren Williams 

Greater Rolesville 



Diane Hawkins/Sandy Young

Rolesville/Wake Forest


Lewis/Haynes (Young Adult Group)


Lake Royale/Louisburg

Tim and Missy Nicholson


Other Groups

Women's Fellowship/Bible Study Group

Email Lauren Williams

Midweek Women's Bible Study

Email Diane Hawkins

Men's Fellowship Group and Bible Study

Email Garrett Fincher or Tim Nicholson

Young Adult Group 

Email Bethany Davenport

United Against Racism Team

Task is to help our congregation on the journey to becoming anti-racist based on the belief that all people are created in the image of God. Learn more

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