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Looking for a new church?

Here are six tips to help:

  1. Look at a church’s website and social media. Do your research. Find out what they believe, what their mission and values are. Listen to more than one sermon.

  2. Be kind and gracious to yourself…especially if you’re wounded, wandering or wary. Rushing will hurt your ability to see clearly. First impressions matter but don’t tell the whole story. Visit a church more than one time. 

  3. Don’t just ask the question: What is worship like? Ask the deeper questions: How is this church touching the community? What are they doing to serve?

  4. Don’t simply look at doctrine. Look at how the doctrine is lived out. How does what they believe look in practice? Does it lead to increased love of God and neighbor? Does it help or harm people?

  5. Prayerfully discern your core concerns in terms of what matters most to you. While there is no perfect church figure out what is in your inner circle of priority vs. outer circles: Preaching? Denomination? Centrality of the gospel? Outreach in the community? Programs? Kid’s Ministry? Worship style? Small Groups? Women allowed in leadership? Inclusive to LGBTQ persons? Committed to issues of justice? 

  6. Pray along the way and give thanks for the ways that you experience the presence of Jesus at every place you visit so that it’s worshipful work and not simply a consumeristic shopping exercise.

Ready to check out VCR for worship?

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