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Holy Thursday at Home

What you need:

  • Table

  • A meal with some type of bread

  • Bowl of water

  • Washcloth/Towel




Today is Holy Thursday.  We join a solemn journey of three days that has changed the world and our own lives.  Followers of Jesus have been taking this journey since his first followers took it, long ago. (pause) This is the night of love.  (pause)


On the night Jesus took a towel and basin, and washed his disciples' feet.  On this night he told them to do the same for others to show their love for him and for one another.  This is the night of love. (pause)


On this night, Jesus broke bread and shared wine with his followers for the last time, and invited them to remember him to encounter him anew, whenever they did the same.
This is the night of love. (pause)


On this night, followers of Jesus have welcomed those who have returned to the way of Jesus after a time of wandering and a journey of returning.  This is the night of love.



This is the night of love. And so, on this night, we welcome:

the regretful…all here have wandered- -
and invite all preparing…all here are still learning --
to join us in hearing and obeying
the commandment of our Master
and to feast at his table,
that we may love one another
as he has loved us.

Come, ye sinners.
Come, ye thirsty.
Come, ye weary.
Come to the night of love.


Read: John 13:1-17


Say: When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, he showed us what servanthood and selfless love looks like and he commanded us to do the same. Let us wash one another’s hands as a way to serve and love one another even as we remember Jesus’ act of love for us.


Wash one another’s hands


Prayer/Blessing before eating

O Jesus, in this Holy Week you prayed that we would love one another
as you have loved us. Tonight we have tried to practice what you have taught us!
Let the love, joy and humility we have known here with our families continue to bless us, and let us share that blessing with world you love and gave your life for.  May the meal and love feast we share together and with you help us experience your saving presence afresh and point us toward the sacrifice of the cross and the hope of Easter.


Sharing the Meal


Passing the Bread: As the bread is shared, each person shares what Love is leading them toward today.


As you feast together, reflect on the John reading:


  • When was a time you chose love this week?


  • When was a time you found it difficult to love this week?


  • When was a time you felt loved by someone this week?


Prayer after the Meal

For these, and all of your mercies, God,

may your holy name be blessed and praised;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



May Jesus Christ,

who for our sake became obedient unto death, even death on a cross,

keep you and strengthen you this night and forever. Amen.

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